We are making cultivated meat affordable through low-cost cell culture ingredients.


Our mission is to accelerate the cultivated meat industry by creating low-cost, food safe ingredients and bioprocessing tools for the sector


We aspire to a world where healthy and nutritious food can be produced sustainably, for everyone, everywhere. Now, and for future generations.

Our values


Cultivated meat is a global challenge, and delivering it requires collaboration and partnership to address the technical and cost barriers. Our enabling technologies complement the great work being done by others across the value chain because they address cost, bringing cultivated meat closer to consumers.


We are eliminating the use of foetal bovine serum in cell culture processes. Cultivated meat is the ideal place to start, as we replace serum with regenerative and ethically sourced alternatives.


To ensure the sustainability of cultivated meat, we need to source raw materials sustainably. We are committed to developing ingredients that meet this standard.


Cultivated meat is presently unaffordable. Enabling technologies are needed not just to achieve scale of production, but also to drive down costs. Our focus is on reducing costs to accelerate the path to consumers.

“With the world’s population growing, we need a radical change in food production to ensure that there will be enough food for generations to come. This food revolution will involve a shift from intensive farming practices that are cruel to livestock and environmentally damaging, to a much more sustainable approach.”

Ivan Wall CEO of Quest Meat