The world’s demand for meat is increasing, yet the impact of livestock farming is devastating for the environment and climate change. Cultivated meat offers a solution to the growing demand for meat, enabling meat production on a much smaller footprint than conventional farming methods, reducing pressures on land and promoting biodiversity.

What is cultivated meat?

Step 1

Small samples of tissue are taken from an animal. These tissues contain stem cells that have the ability to replicate.

Step 2

After isolating stem cells from the tissue, they are placed in a safe and controlled cell culture environment.

Step 3

These animal stem cells are provided with nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and fats, promoting the cells to divide and grow.

Step 4

When enough cells have been produced, they can be matured into meat cells. They are then processed into burgers, sausages, mince or nuggets for a delicious, guilt-free experience.