Making cultivated meat affordable through low-cost cell culture ingredients.


Our mission is to accelerate the cultivated meat industry by providing low-cost, food safe ingredients and bioprocessing tools to the sector


We aspire to a world where healthy and nutritious food can be produced sustainably, for everyone, everywhere. Now, and for future generations.

Our values


We live in a world where human health is directly impacted by highly industrialised farming practices. So, we have decided to do it differently, using no antibiotics and no GMOs.


We aim to eliminate slaughter and to remove serum from our process, so we can enjoy our cruelty-free food gatherings.


In addition to reducing the land footprint used, we aim to decrease gas emissions to help fight against global warming.


By using our latest technologies and engineering skills, we want to make Quest products available and accessible to everyone.

“It is clear to me that with the world’s population growing, we need a radical change in food production to ensure people have enough to eat for generations to come. I believe this food revolution will involve a shift from intensive farming that is cruel to livestock and environmentally damaging, to a much more sustainable approach”.

Ivan Wall CEO of Quest